Afternoon Tea at the Museum

Afternoon Tea at the Museum.jpg

Back Yard_Main Street

Back Yard_Main Street.jpg



Boys Sharing_SouthEnd

Boys Sharing_SouthEnd.jpg

Burnt Houes_North End

Burnt Houes_North End.jpg

Children Playing on a Stoop Near Downtown

Children Playing on a Stoop Near Downtown.jpg

Children Playing_Moore Street

Children Playing_Moore Street.jpg

City Market

City Market.jpg

Corner Store_Near Queen Square

Corner Store_Near Queen Square.jpg



Foster Marr

Foster Marr.jpg

Girl Sweeping_SouthEnd

Girl Sweeping_SouthEnd.jpg

King Square_Night

King Square_Night.jpg

Main Street from the Viaduct

Main Street from the Viaduct.jpg

North End with Bridge Abutments

North End with Bridge Abutments.jpg

Sawing Wood_NorthEnd

Sawing Wood_NorthEnd.jpg

Second Hand Store_Main Street

Second Hand Store_Main Street.jpg



Social Notes

Social Notes.jpg

Union Station with Moore Street

Union Station with Moore Street.jpg